14 Yard Bin Rental

12ft x 8ft x 4ft

14 Yard Bin Rental

The standard 14-yard bin rental is perfect for general contractor jobs as well as homeowner projects of any size. Whether it’s for cleaning or renovating a home, roofing or landscaping, these bin rentals offer easy access with double doors that open completely at the back and a coating of galvanized material that will look attractive in your driveway while also preventing rust from pooling over time.

At 12 feet in length, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet high, this container will fit in any driveway, with enough room to work around and height that allows for simple tossing in of waste even without the doors needing to be swung open.

A sturdy product with reliable service to match, call today to arrange for your dumpster rental in Georgetown or anywhere else in the Halton and Peel regions!

Looking for a Garbage Bin or a Clean Fill?

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    FAQ (see all FAQs)

    Clean-fill Bins: What do the fill lines mean?

    First price to lower line, 18" from bottom of bin (5 cu. yds.)
    Second price to upper line, 12" from top of bin (10 cu. yds.)

    Mixed Waste

    Acceptable materials include, but are not limited to solid waste such as plastic, wood including pressure-treated wood, metal, paper, furniture, appliances, shingles, carpets, renovation, demolition or construction debris, books, mattresses, plaster and lathe, drywall, tiles, yard waste.

    Contents may be mixed.

    Automobile tires are acceptable. There is a charge per tire.
    Hazardous waste such as paint, motor oil, propane tanks and chemicals is not permitted.

    Bins for garbage include rental and tipping fees.

    Rental fees are a flat rate. Tipping fees are based on weight. There is no minimum weight charge. You pay for the actual weight of the garbage in the bin. Garbage is weighed and disposed of at the local transfer station in Georgetown.

    Clean Fill Bins

    Clean fill loads may consist of:

    • Dirt and/or sod
    • concrete/blocks/interlocking stone
    • asphalt
    • clay bricks

    Loads may not be mixed.

    For example, dirt bins may not contain concrete, asphalt or bricks. Clean fill loads may not contain any garbage such as wood or plastic. Flat rates for clean fill bins include delivery, pick up and disposal of the clean fill.

    Prices are based on:

    • Material Type
    • Material Quantity

    There are two fill lines on the inside of the bin.