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Landscape contractors agree, Westerveld Waste Management Inc. rent-a-bin service is an essential service to any landscaping project. No matter the size or scope of your task, our bin rental service will keep your work site clean and organized.

As a professional landscape contractor, you are responsible for transforming your client’s green spaces into the natural oases of their dreams. You are increasing their curb appeal, raising the value of their property, and enhancing your client’s own appreciation for their home or business.

Westerveld Waste Management Inc. has been Halton and Peel Regions number one choice for waste removal for nearly 40 years. Whether you are hired for a serious yard cleanup, a total space overhaul or to design the perfect backyard retreat, our reliable service lets you focus on creating your clients new space while we dispose of their trash.

Locally owned and operated, Westerveld Waste Management Inc. has earned a loyal customer base for our always prompt and professional service.

14 Yard Bin Rental

14 Yard Bin Rental

12ft x 8ft x 4ft

These bins are perfect for small cleanups and renovation projects.

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20 Yard Pink Bin Rental

20 Yard Bin Rental

12ft x 8ft x 4ft

Our larger bin is ideal for large cleanouts and renovation projects.

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Westerveld Advantages

Not sure if your project needs a disposal bin? Check out the advantages of our services!

Keep your worksite tidy

Let us be honest, landscaping can be dirty work! Using a disposal bin will keep your project space organized and your clients happy. Our bin rentals provide storage for your waste, while keeping it out of the view of your clients. Our bins can be easily dropped off at your location and removed as soon as your project is complete. Our trained staff will ensure the bins are placed where you need them, while protecting your client’s property from damage.

Ensure the safety of you and your team

A clean worksite is a safe worksite. Having a designated location for your project’s waste prevents injuries to you and your team. Using our bins means no tripping over waste or dodging sharp edges of discarded products, preventing injuries so you can maintain your completion time.

Environmentally friendly

Choosing a clean fill bin will allow you to separate your organic waste from landfill waste. Clean fill is disposable waste that can be put back into the earth or recycled for new use. An eco-friendly approach that helps you reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Not sure how clean fill waste is separated, call our knowledgeable team members today and learn how we can help!

Whatever the scope of your landscaping project, make sure your first call is to Westerveld Waste Management Inc.

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    Clean-fill Bins: What do the fill lines mean?

    First price to lower line, 18" from bottom of bin (5 cu. yds.)
    Second price to upper line, 12" from top of bin (10 cu. yds.)