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Home improvements are an exciting time for any homeowner, whether you are starting a renovation, modernizing your favourite space or taking on the task of clearing out your backyard or garage. Whatever your home project, we know how rewarding these changes will be, but we also recognize they can require a lot of your personal time and in many cases can be very cost heavy. Luckily as Halton and Peel Region’s number one waste management company, we also know the importance our bin rentals can be to your home renovation projects.

We’ve all been there, right in the middle of a project when your favourite room has been turned upside down and the scrap you’re disposing of is sitting in the middle of the new flooring or tiling you’ve spent all morning laying down, making it hard for you to see an end in sight. Let us take this stress away from you and your home project. Our rent-a-bin service lets you see the finish line by keeping all of your project’s waste safely and cleanly stored in one convenient location.

How can a Westerveld Waste Management Inc. bin rental improve your next home project?



Keeping junk and construction debris out of your project space will help you complete your project faster and safer. Our bins can be easily stored outside of your home, helping you to keep your worksite contained and your home clean.

Backyard Maintenance and Landscaping


Utilizing clean fill bins will help you separate organic and recyclable waste from landfill debris. This eco-friendly approach to junk removal reduces your carbon footprint as you build your backyard retreat.

Garage Clean Up, Moving or Downsizing

Garage Clean Up

No matter the reason for your piled up junk, our bins will help you clear away the clutter you’ve been holding on to in your home. Anything from repair scraps, broken furniture you said you would repair to things you couldn’t sell at your garage sale, whatever you need to get rid of, we have a bin to take it away!

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    Clean-fill Bins: What do the fill lines mean?

    First price to lower line, 18" from bottom of bin (5 cu. yds.)
    Second price to upper line, 12" from top of bin (10 cu. yds.)